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From: James Jordan <jbjordan4@home.com>
Subject: Re: (whorl) Neighborly transmigration and other observations
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2002 13:49:09 -0600

At 11:17 AM 1/4/2002 -0700, you wrote:

>Well, it seems to me that you answer your own objection, there.  If a 
>is calling to him as Babbie, then he IS around a Neighbor or one of their
>artifacts, especially if he lays his head upon their knee.

Good point.

>How else can you read that whole part about the hus being more human than
>scylla in the astral part, and his special treatment of Hoof?  Come on, admit
>that I'm right, just this once.

No problem. You may well be.

>   Remember the dream that Hide had of a doll
>searching for him? he hides under a couch with eight (or ten) legs.  There is
>a two legged soul in the hus, and I'm pretty sure it is, by the end of the
>book, Horn.  Also, look at the prophecy of Marble: the last thing for Horn is
>riding a beast with three horns, after wealth and command.  He had wealth and
>command in Gaon, then he winds up in Babbie.

Good point. The 3-horn business comes after the rule. Now, am I 
understanding you right? Are you saying that Horn's spirit first goes into 
Silk's body, and then when Silk is revived by Severian, Horn enters 
Babbie's body? That's an intriguing thesis. I'd like to hear from some of 
the others on this list, who have devoted more attention to the problem of 
who the Narrator is at various points.
         Now, rather than repost all of your interesting missive, let me 
ask this: Are you suggesting that the Green Man who meets Severian might be 
a Neighbor from Ushas? From what you wrote, I gather you are suggesting 
something like this:

1. Urth becomes Ushas.
2. Intelligent plants, perhaps "descended" from humans, take over Ushas as 
Neighbors/Green Men.
3. Neighbors create inhumi on Green/Lune.
4. Much later, they transcend Ushas and "move on."
5. The Whorl arrives back at Ushas/Lune (Blue/Green), perhaps a million 
years later (because I don't see how all the above could have happened in 
1000 years).

         I'm not trying to be funny, just trying to figure out what your 
thesis is. Perhaps you can unpack it. (BTW, I find your investigations very 



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