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From: "James Russell" <fulthor@hotmail.com>
Subject: (whorl) copperhead
Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 12:03:12 +0100

>     001 - William Ansley <wansley@w - Re:  (whorl) New Wolfe story >online 
>(spoilers for "Copperhead"
>So, what is "groose"? What about "neffer" and "grawnt"?

It seems to me that 'neffer' and 'grawnt' are 'never' and 'grunt'. "You will 
never grunt over me" again is Jane Doe denying the President sex, I assumed. 
What 'Groose' is supposed to be I dont know. "Gross", perhaps?

Also, with regards to the Short Sun, I was wondering if anyone thought that 
the inhumi's method of breeding had any bearing on the secret (or even the 
dubious Horn or Silk as inhumi option). Jahlee or Fava, I can't remember 
which, claims that the inhumi make love exactly as a man or woman would do, 
before moving on to the more technical, amphibious process. I'm sure that 
this has some bearing on the plot, although I haven't really managed to work 
out what.

   On a personal note I haven't contributed to this list before, but have
been lurking for ages. Hello everybody.

Jim Russell
Exeter. UK.

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