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From: maa32 <maa32@dana.ucc.nau.edu>
Subject: (whorl) lemur and godlings
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 17:16:45 

Well, all this debate about mechanical versus biological godlings leaves me to 
bring up an example of the human-looking ubermensch from Lake of the Long Sun:
 councillor Lemur had his awesome mechanical (but very heavy) body that seemed 
totally human (except for that crazy tendency towards magnetism and 
self-illumination). For Lemur, the mechanism lived on even after the man had 
died (maybe).  Maytera Marble's rusings indicate that she was once covered in 
flesh (this occurs even before she takes Rose's parts).  [or maybe the 
godlings just have really big hands].
On another note,
Has anyone made anything out of Doctor Crane's ghost as Silk/Horn reaches the 
pole in Return to the Whorl?

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