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From: "Bob Musser" <rmusser@mindspring.com>
Subject: (whorl) Re: Digest whorl.v012.n038
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 09:47:41 

On 6 Feb 01, at 8:20, whorl-errors@lists1.ba.best.c wrote:

> > "I would never have used it while Nettle was alive",
> > confused me, Jahlee didn't kill Nettle, did she? 
> > Didn't Nettle go with Silk and Marble?
> No and No.

No and Yes, I think.  Last paragraph, last page, refering to the 
receeding Whorl:

"They are in it, I hope, he and his eerie young woman (Seawrack), 
Nettle, the old sibyl, and their bird, on course upon a greater sea to 
strange new islands."

On the previous page, Silk asks Daisy to make his goodbyes to 
Hoof and Hide.  "Nettle is making her own, and cannot be bothered 
with mine."

>> If Silk is so GOOD, as Hoof and Clute suggest (and I
>> believe, as well) why did he arrange to kill so many
>> Inhumu, in the city on Green, and at the wedding? 

>He didn't arrange to kill a bunch of inhumi, he
>arranged to be killed a couple. He just underestimated
>Juganu's recruitment abilities. Then he had to help
>lead a battle to keep the wedding party/ town getting

I think the carnage which follows Silk around is one of the 
frightening aspects of his goodness.  He doesn't instigate it; it 
flows from the responses of those who fear him.  I'm starting to re-
read the series and haven't revisited Green as yet, so I'm not sure if 
the same theory can be applied to Horn's actions there.

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