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From: Joel Priddy <mossmail@yahoo.com>
Subject: (whorl) Re: Digest whorl.v012.n037
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 20:36:09 

Emrys wrote:
> Maybe I missed it, but why did the 'divine' Silk
> possess Pig?

Just a god going for a Sunday stroll. He possessed Pig
for the same reason he listens silently from the
BTW, is just me, or does "The Divine Silk" sound like
a transvestite torch singer?

> Are we now to accept that the Ghost of Patera Pike
> at the manteion was in fact a ghost?


> What was the deal with Dr. Crane's ghost?  Was it
> brought on solely by being at/in Sick Bay?

Erm, I'm going for no ghost, just visualizing a
memory. But maybe I'm forgetting who wrote the book.

> "I would never have used it while Nettle was alive",
> confused me, Jahlee didn't kill Nettle, did she? 
> Didn't Nettle go with Silk and Marble?

No and No.

> Where was the Whorl going and why?  Aren't all/most
> of the landers gone?  If so why leave?

It's just going. The gods were more interested the
journey than the destination. After all, at the
destination all their worshippers go away. So this
journey doesn't have a destination.

> If Silk is so GOOD, as Hoof and Clute suggest (and I
> believe, as well) why did he arrange to kill so many
> Inhumu, in the city on Green, and at the wedding? 

He didn't arrange to kill a bunch of inhumi, he
arranged to be killed a couple. He just underestimated
Juganu's recruitment abilities. Then he had to help
lead a battle to keep the wedding party/ town getting

> What happened to Chenille and/or Auk?  How did Oreb
> get a black ring that morphed into Seawrak's ring?

Seawrack gave it to him, and, like a mood ring, it
looked different because it wasn't on his finger.

> Finally the scene of Hyacinth's body.  What
> happened? 
> It seems from the wounds that needed binding that
> Silk
> may indeed have committed/attempted, but surely the
> mere entrance to Silk's body of Horn's spirit wasn't
> enough for the body to physically recover.  Maybe
> I'm
> looking at this wrong and the cuts were incidental
> to
> Hyacinth's funeral sacrafice, but I've thought since
> IGJ that Silk was contemplating/committing suicide.

According to the Neighbors, Silk just didn't have the
will to live anymore. I'm chalking it up to Silk the
super-embryo healing once the controlling mind was
binging the wounds instead of opening them.


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