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From: Sheila Herndon <skherndon@yahoo.com>
Subject: (whorl) Re: Digest whorl.v012.n037
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 07:51:13 

--- whorl-errors@lists1.ba.best.com wrote:
> Subject: Cool plant
> Found it! It's a tropical weed called mimosa pudica
> or sensitive-plant,

> You find it
> wild at roadside in
> some of the Gulf states--that's where you live, I
> presume.

Where I grew up, but do not now live.

> Subject: Re: (whorl) RTTW up to pg. 81 SPOILERS
> >p. 47. The "Silent Shout" section. I am betting

> I don't have the book with me, but I recall taking
> it to mean the sunrise.

yes indeed. but is he referring to a poem that
I haven't read that described the sunrise in this
way? it's lovely. 

I seem to recall a verse in the bible that describes
the hills shouting the glory of god, or some such.
So perhaps Wolfe was thinking of this, and to himself,
the hills must always be shouting, but we don't
hear them - so it's a silent shout.

but, truly, I suspect, maybe he's also referring
to a poem or idea that has been used somewhere
before, which I have not come across, so if that's
case, someone bring it up please. thanks.

I am goin to bow out of the list for a while, until
I finish the book - but I will save messages and
go through them later.

I was wondering if anyone else had already brought
up that Silk/Horn/Oreb is a trinity? I'm sure this
must have already been brought up, but is there
a search utility for the list? It's cool though ...
I can't beleive I didn't think of it sooner - 
Silk would be like the "god" part, inside of the
human part - Horn, and Oreb is a holy spirit
part - like in the scene of the baptism where
the holy spirit descends int he form of a dove -
except what's cool are all the differences in the
story - 

In face, if we imagine that Horn's spirit has
been transported - then Horn is actually the
"god" part, even though he's more human, and
Silk is the "body" part, and Oreb who is the holy
spirit is a night chough, black, who can see in
the dark, whereas a dove is white, and innocent.

it's all very interesting. and Horn wants to be more
like a human. and in a way, I feel this is meant
to represent people wanting to be more perfect, or
more godlike, but there is an irony in the story
that Horn is the 'actual' human part - but is
allegorically representing the 'soul' part. or at
least, that's waht I am imagining so far. I could
be totally offbase, it has been known to happen. :)

thanks for the name. I had trouble finding that 
plant, myself.


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