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From: "Alice Turner" <pei047@attglobal.net>
Subject: (whorl) IGA names
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 14:26:37 

Adatta: adapting, adjusting
 Affito: permitting
 Atteno: (prob. a typo for attento, careful, attentive)
 Blanko: (either a typo for blanco, white, or another language,
 Bricco: coffee pot (check this in the big one)
 Bruna: brown, gloomy
 Cantoro: singing
 Casco: helmet
 Cugino: cousin
 Cuoio: leather (hide)
 Decina: ten
 Dentro: within (inside)
 Eco: echo
 Fava: bean
 Gagliardo: bold, strong
 Gioioso: joyous, merry
 Grandecitta: bigcity
 Incanto: enchanted (or ing)
 Inclito: inclining, sloping
 Jahlee: Jalia=Evil, Life-Destroyer, South Indian goddess of death and
disease who can be appeased if propitiated properly. (This is an
alternate spelling; his spelling for Meschia/ne was also offbeat, though
perfectly recognizable.)
 Karabin: a karabiner is a metal spring-hook (Ger.)
 Krait: venomous snake (Eng., from Hindi)
 Legaro: tied, fastened
 Mano: hand
 Mora: blackberry
 Morello: jet-black
 Olmo: elm
 Onorifica: honored
 Perito: expert, skilful
 Poliso: (could be a typo for polso, energetic)
 Rigoglio: bloom, luxuriance
 Rimo: (rima is rhyme; this, in a bigger dictionary might mean rimed or
 Salica: willow (Lat.)
 Sborso: payment, outlay (from purse)
 Schiamazza: cackling, squawking
 Sfido: challenging (also, of course)
 Soldo: wages, money (an old Italian coin)
 Solenno: being solemn
 Terzo: third
 Torda: thrush (as tordo, m.; check this too if the character is
f.--wouldn't be a bird--if m. a typo)
 Turco: Turk (granturco is maize or corn)
 Ugolo: (looks Italian, but I can't find it)
 Urbanita: civility
 Valico: passing, crossing (also passport)
 Vivo: alive, lively
 Volanta: flying
 Volto: turned (also, face)
 Warren: (Eng. place where rabbits breed)
 Wight: (Eng. a being from a demon to a shrewmouse; as adj. strong,
 Zitta: silent

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