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From: "Mark C. Andersen" <manderse@nmsu.edu>
Subject: (whorl) RE: Digest whorl.v010.n125
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 11:25:29 

I've always felt that it was Quetzal that was behind Silk's move into
the position of calde. The arguments for Crane are rather compelling,
though. Wouldn't it be intriguing if the Outsider were manipulating both
for His own ends?


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> From: Michael Straight <straight@email.unc.edu>
> On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, Alice Turner wrote:
> > Yes, the initial meeting is accidental. But you have to assume that
> > Trivigaunte was looking for a candidate to set up as a puppet in a coup
> > d'etat in Viron, and just about as soon as Crane clapped eyes on Silk he
> > thought he'd found just the guy to back: personable, easy to manipulate
> > (so he thinks), well-liked and with a lot of hard-to-put-your-finger-on
> > charisma. Crane doesn't know that Silk is "special" or about the
> On the other hand, Q. knows about the special embryos and seems to have
> had his eye on Silk for a while.  It's possible he initiated some of the
> "Silk for Calde" stuff and that he plays as big a role behind-the-scenes
> as Crane.  But I'll have to wait for my re-read of the series in
> preparation for reading OBW to argue the point any further.
> -Rostrum

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