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From: akt@attglobal.net
Subject: (whorl) Dr. Crane's plot
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 13:05:37 

From Alex:

> Yes.  In fact, the "Silk for Calde" graffiti shows up shortly after,
> and Horn lets us in on the (strong likelyhood anyway) that it wasn't
> one of the schoolboys who wrote it.  And this is before the populace
> would (I think) realistically get going on its own from just Silk's
> streetside conversation with Blood.

Once we meet Crane's "gang," which isn't until a lot later, I think we
can have no doubt as to who effected the graffiti campaign. Certainly
it's not "spontaneous," in any way, not, at first, genuinely populist.
Nor, of course, is Hy's letter to Silk.

> On the prophecy thing--does anyone in the books ever attempt to make
> a prophecy (augury) or even have a dream that doesn't foreshadow
> events to come?  I think that although there's no time-travel going
> on here, lots of things seem as locked in as in BOTNS.  Interestingly,
> Silk's first enlightenment is sparse on scenes from the future.
> Is any explanation (other than Silk's "talent" and self-fulfilling
> prophecy with respect to the thefts in Lake) given for the wild
> success of augury/random-page-opening?

Well, this is standard practice in fiction, even non-genre fiction. We
(readers) always make subconcious or semi-concious note of dreams,
prophecies, fortune cookies, Tarot cards and also the ravings of the

From Rostrum:

> On the other hand, Q. knows about the special embryos and seems to
> had his eye on Silk for a while.  It's possible he initiated some of
> "Silk for Calde" stuff and that he plays as big a role
> as Crane.  But I'll have to wait for my re-read of the series in
> preparation for reading OBW to argue the point any further.

Yes, about the embryos, not necessarily that Silk is one, though, given
Silk's age, and Q's residence in the Whorl, it is possible. Hasn't had
his eye on Silk, though--first notices his name in flying by Teasel's
window, and we are present at their first actual meeting, which I don't
have time to look up. I don't see a clear motive in his being behind the
campaign, but that of Crane & co. is as clear as glass.

I should add that part of my insistance on Q as Pike's ghost (which I
have sadly had to abandon) was that I believed this to be a ruse where
he could get a look at Silk before Silk saw him.


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