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From: Endymion9@aol.com
Subject: (whorl) Blue Thoughts
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 21:30:19 EST

Hi everyone,
I've been lurking/reading many of the conjectures on the inhumi and thought I 
would jump into the discussion now.

I agree with most that the inhumi intelligence begins to mimic human 
intelligence because they are now drinking human blood.  I also agree that 
Wolfe has a more obscure secret that would destroy the inhumi.  

Simply warning humans that if they protect each other and stop the inhumi 
from drinking their blood will solve the inhumi problem will not work.  How 
many groups of people of 10 or more have you ever seen that all will agree on 
one thing and abide by it?  People already know the inhumi are a danger and 
don't bond together in unity.  How would telling them that the inhumi will 
become less intelligent and more like animals cause them to protect 
themselves better?

My thought on how Patera Q came to the Whorl is that Horn's and Auk's landers 
might not have been the first to leave the whorl.  They merely were the first 
we and 
they knew about.  The whorl could have arrived at the Blue many years earlier 
and Patera Q could have boarded the a lander and returned to the whorl.  I 
doubt he was the only inhumi in the whorl.


Happiness is reading a good scifi book while listening to XTC  :)

~~dancing us from the darkest night is the rhythm of love powered by the 
beating of hearts~~  XTC

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