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From: Jim Jordan <jbjordan@gnt.net>
Subject: Re: (whorl) Re: Horn as Silk
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 00:58:55 

At 08:09 PM 11/16/99 -0500, Slimina of the Green Goo wrote:
>2. There have been a lot of guesses about "the secret of the inhumi," and
>the front-runner for a while was that it was simply that they took on (or
>could take on) aspects of the prey along with the blood; when they
>encountered a sentient race for the first time, it revolutionized them.
>Another conjecture has to do with their obviously being able to survive a
>long time without sustenance in a mummified state. But later thinking is
>that it's more complicated than that--it's a secret that if known could
>destroy them--and that Wolfe just hasn't given it to us even in clue form
>Arguments invited.

It's Rat Time, Slimina!

To begin with, courtesy of Kieran:

Horn: "If only we cared about each other sufficiently. If only all of us
loved all the others enough, they would go back to [mindless beasts]. We
would still think them horrible creatures, and they would still be
dangerous, as the crocodiles in this lower river water are. But they would
be no worse."
Evensong: "That is the secret, what you said?"
Horn: "No, of course not." [p.375]

So, let's invert that. The inhumi take on our characteristics. We are not
very nice people: enslaving others, raping wimmin, etc. What if we become
good, "Green Man" types, like the forerunners of Blue? What would the
inhumi become then? Good guys! Hey, is that why old Quetzal becomes a good
guy, because of hanging around and being near Silk?
	Inhumi are animals, "underpeople" of Cordo Smith, but of a different sort.
Their salvation depends on and proceeds from human salvation.
	My guess. It think the clews are there, but I may be taking them wrongly.

Slavering Nutria of the Dripping Jowl

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