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From: mary whalen <marewhalen@yahoo.com>
Subject: (whorl) Names, animals, and meanings (H) and Prometheus
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 12:54:55 

This is Sean Whalen (prion).

Hadale.  Arabic word that I don't know.  In French, it is the feminine
form of the adjective meaning hellish, abysmal (from Hades) which
usually is used to refer to the deep ocean.  Trivigaunti officer.

Hammerstone.  A rounded stone used for hammering by prehistoric humans
and their relations.  Vironese chemical soldier who is repaired and
reprogrammed by Incus.  Loved Molybdenum and married Marble (that is
to say Magnesia, who is mixed with Rose... oh, forget it). His name
apparently indicates that everyone uses him for their own purposes
(Incus, Marble, the Vironese government), which wears him down from
his previous better life and happiness.

Hare.  Any of many species in order Lagomorpha, especially in the
Leporidae family.  Musk's assistant. Both musk and hares are
associated with sex (breed like rabbits).

Hart.  An adult male red deer (Cervus elaphus).  Also a stag (the male
of many different deer species).  To turn stag is British slang for
betraying.  A friend of Horn's.  Harts have horns.

Hide.  The skin of an animal.  Also means to intentionally go out of
the range of vision or sensation of another.  Son of Horn and Nettle. 
Twin of Hoof.

Hierax.  Greek for hawk or eagle (it has the stem hierak-).  Probably
related to the word hieros (supernatural, powerful, holy, sacred). 
Since all the other "gods" are named after Greek mythological monsters
that are children of Echidna, this apparently means the eagle that in
myths tormented Prometheus by tearing out and eating his liver every
day (it grew back by the next day).  (Allow a digression into the
story of Prometheus, which relates to BLS closely) Zeus chained
Prometheus down and sent the eagle to torture him because Prometheus
had foiled Zeus in many ways concerning humans (he tricked Zeus into
taking the worst part of the animals sacrificed to him (the entrails
and fat), gave fire to humans, taught them metalwork and other
culture, and deprived them of knowledge of the future so they wouldn't
be heartbroken; he also in some stories created men (but not women)
out of clay he sculpted).  After all of this, Zeus and his loyal
servants Cratos (might) and Bia (force) took Prometheus (forethought)
and chained him to a mountain, where he then sent the eagle.  In some
stories Chiron (also Cheiron, meaning skilled) tended Prometheus at
this time, or even gave him his own immortality.  (Time for a Chiron
digression) Chiron was the one good centaur, a son of Cronos who was
skilled in medicine, surgery, the arts, and archery; a friend of
Apollo (the sun).  He gave a sword to his grandson Peleus when he was
weaponless.  He died when accidently scratched by one of Heracles'
poison arrows and was put in the sky as the Centaurus constellation.
Also, Chiron is the name of the first-detected Centaur Class comet,
which is a cross between a comet and an asteroid.  Anyway, eventually
Zeus agreed to release Prometheus because he revealed that the son of
Thetis would be mightier than his father, letting Zeus know not to
mate with her.  Other stories say that Heracles rescued him and killed
the eagle.  In exchange for this, he told Heracles how to get Atlas to
give him the golden apples of the Hesperides (this is pretty
complicated, eh?).  Prometheus also told his brother Epimetheus
(Hindsight) not to marry Pandora, the first woman, whom was a gift of
the gods.  However, he didn't listen and Pandora released all the
troubles on mankind (and also hope).  It seems that Prometheus has a
lot to do with Silk, and Chiron with Dr. Crane.  However, the name
Hierax might also relate to the harpy eagle (Harpia harpyja), the
largest eagle in the world, found in South America and southern
Mexico.  This is because the harpies were also sometimes said to be
children of Echidna  A major god.  One of the Nine and of the Seven. 
God of death.  Associated with black animals, carrion birds, and
jackals.  The fourth day of the week is named after him.  Supposed son
of Typhon and Echidna.  A sadist.  Also the name Musk gives the eagle
that attacks Silk.  The eagle named Hierax is probably a harpy eagle. 
Like the eagle of Zeus, Hierax likes to torture people.

Holly.  Any species of tree or shrub in the genus Ilex. Used for
decoration at Christmas.  A girl at the palaestra.

Hoof.  Plural is hoofs or hooves.  A bony structure of horn connected
to the end of an animal's foot that is walked on.  The equivalent of
most animal's nails or claws.  Also means to run away.  Son of Horn
and Nettle.  Twin of Hide.

Horn.  A bony protrusion on animals made of bone, chitin, hair, or
other materials.  Often only existing in the male of the species. 
Horn is the boy in the palaestra who eventually writes the Book of Silk.

Hossaan.  Possibly Arabic hassaan (handsome) or hossaan (with velar s
[horse]).  Might have to do with hosanna. Trivigaunti spy working as
driver for Blood.  Uses name Willet.

Hyacinth.  The word comes from the name Hyacinthos (which is not a
Greek word itself), who was the boy loved by Apollo.  Apollo
accidentally hit him with his discus when they were playing (perhaps
Zephyros the west wind caused it out of jealousy).  His blood hit the
ground and Apollo turned it into a flower.  This flower was probably
originally an iris, but may have been a lily, larkspur, or gladiolus. 
What we call hyacinth today is any species of genus Hyacinthus,
especially the common garden hyacinth (Hyacinthus orientalis) which
has beautiful and fragrant flowers.  It is also the name of a precious
gem (used for several different gems) or the name of a color of violet
or purple.  Hyacinth is the beautiful woman Silk falls in love with. 
She is a prostitute working for Blood, and probably also a knowing spy
for the Trivigauntis.  Estranged wife of officer Serval.

Hyrax.  Plural hyraxes or hyraces.  Greek for mouse or shrewmouse
(stem hyrak-).  Any species in the order Hyracoidea, and in its only
family, Procaviidae.  Look like a cross between a rabbit and a mouse. 
Small short ears.  Many are agile tree-dwelling climbers.  Others live
on rocks.  Have flattened nails and a moust cup pad on toes that are
used for climbing.  Spy working for Spider who was killed in the

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