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From: mary whalen <marewhalen@yahoo.com>
Subject: (whorl) Names, animals, and meanings (G)
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 10:36:06 

This is Sean Whalen (prion).

Galago.  Any species in the Galago genus of the Lorisidae family ,
especially Lorisidae Galago senegalensis, also called the lesser bush
baby.  It's related to monkeys.  Its body is only about half a foot
long, and it has a long furry tail.  It has mouse-like ears and big
eyes that make it look like it's always scared.  Very agile in the
trees.  Galago is related to Loris.  This name is probably not

Gaur.  Bibos gaurus or Bos gaurus.  An ox from India.  Possibly the
wild variety of the gayal (Bibos frontalis or Bos frontalis).  Big
with large shoulders. Gaur was a criminal in Urus' group in the tunnels.

Gayfeather.  Liatris pycnostachya.  An herb with purple flowers.  A
girl at the palaestra.

Gecko.  Also gecco.  Any species of family Gekkonidae (or Gecconidae).
 Most are nocturnal. Large eyes, large toes with suckers used for
climbing or sticking.  Sticky tongue.  Feed on insects.  One of
Oosik's officers.

Gelada.  From Arabic quilaada (mane, collar).  Theropithecus gelada. 
Closely related to baboons and mandrills.  Looks like a hairy baboon
with a mane of long hair on the back and side of the head of the
males.  Males have bare patches of red skin which they show and expand
to look like a threat.  A criminal in Urus' group in the tunnels. 
Urus told Auk that he was the leader of the group, and Auk killed him.

Gib.  A male cat, a castrated male cat, a hook that a male salmon
grows on its lower jaw during or after its mating season, the gib fish
(the salmon, any species of genus Salmo).  Also short for gibaro (also
jibaro), a Puerto Rican worker or a verb meaning to gut a fish (also
gip) or a verb meaning to oppose, balk, refuse, hesitate (also jib). 
It could also be short for gibbon.  Gib is the large bouncer at the
Cock who Auk saves.  He buys Bongo the baboon.  Many of these meanings
could apply to him.

Ginger.  Any species of genus Zingiber, especially Zingiber
officinale, which contains the spice called ginger.  The spice is
fragrant and used as a stimulant. A girl at the palaestra.

Goldcrest.  The golden-crested kinglet, or the golden-crowned kinglet,
or the golden-crested wren.  Any species of kinglet with a bright
yellow patch on the head (genus Regulus).  Also, possibly the golden
crest, a yellow-flowered bog herb (Lophiola americana) or golden
crown, a South American grass (Paspalum dilatatum).  Described as a
classmate of Nettle's, but I don't remember if Goldcrest is male or

Goral.  Also gooral.  The word is derived from gaur.  Any species of
genus Naemorhaedus (or Nemorhaedus, or Naemorhedus, or Nemorhedus),
especially Naemorhaedus goral, the common goral.  The common goral is
about four feet long, live in grassy hills near forests in the
mountains.  Related to the mountain goat.  Former hostler who joins
with Mint.

Grian.  Irish for sun or gravel or bottom or ground or land or earth
or surface.  The flyer who escapes the Trivigauntis (you can't catch
the sun).

Guan.  Any species of family Cracidae.  Tropical turkey-like birds. 
The males make a "whirring" sound with their wings for a mating
display.  One of Spider's subordinates who was killed in the tunnels.

Gulo.  Latin for glutton, epicure; from Latin gula (gullet, throat). 
Gulo is the genus of the wolverine (Gulo gulo) and the glutton. 
Patera Gulo is a little well-fed.


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