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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (whorl) Next Train a-loading
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 97 15:14:00 GMT

[Posted from WHORL, the mailing list for Gene Wolfe's Book of the Long Sun]

Reply:  Item #5017229 from WHORL@LISTS.BEST.COM@INET03#


The next batch of questions for Gene Wolfe.  Train leaves in one
week, on Friday 27.  People who didn't ask a question in the last
batch get priority, but if we don't have "enough" questions I may
throw open the gate on a first-come-first-served basis toward the
end.  Or maybe we'll just let a short train go out?

So far, the train has four out of fifteen:

16. Kieran Mullen, re: Silk bioengineered skills.
17. Peter Cash, re: airship incident.
18. Paul Duggan, re: voided cross/gammadion description in detail.
19. Robert Borski, re: etymology of Mamelta.

Passengers may refine their questions or change them.  Sooner rather
than later increases likelihood that corrections will be in train on


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