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Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 12:20:22 -0700
From: Michael Andre-Driussi 
Subject: Re: (urth) Doris

Roy wrote against the notion of Doris-as-daughter-of-Sherry-Gold.

So Roy, remind me: is it still possible that Doris is Sherry Gold herself?
Whoops, no -- I guess not, since you are taking the Doris story as being
both real and in real time.

In addition there is the complicated linkage of Sherry's death and Weer's
stroke.  If Doris = Sherry, then the stroke would have been before Weer
heard the story about Doris's death from Charlie Turner, and this seems
quite early on in Den's presidency (whereas evidence of the stroke's
aftermath suggests it was later in the presidency).

Okay, new approach: Doris attracts Weer because he sees in her the same
thing he saw in Lois, i.e., Olivia.  She is not his daughter, she is not
related to him by blood, it is that Wolfe "reincarnation" buzz thing.

If this holds up, we might expect Doris's story to match up with the
Olivia/Lois pattern (aside from just the fairy tale aspects of both
Olivia's "Suitors" and Doris's "Cinder-ella").  How do the years hold up?
Well, Olivia died after Lois was born, right?  (25 years ago, and we think
Lois is 35?)  So if we can accept the "Olivia" in Lois, we can go along
with the same in Doris.

This might be something, because it would mean that Weer loses Olivia,
chases after Lois-as-Olivia, sees the photo of Doris-as-Olivia, and then,
in the end of the book, finally hears Olivia's voice again (bringing
closure to this thread).



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