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From: "James Wynn" 
Subject: RE: (urth) The Ascian's Shadow
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 10:08:32 -0500

>>On 01/08/2002 16:35:47 James Wynn wrote:

>>So.... The Ascians are shadowless. They repudiate the "shadow" (i.e. the
>>destruction and change) of the New Sun, thus they serve (i.e. are
>>Erebus (the TOTAL Darkness of Death).

>Matthew Malthouse wrote:
>Yet their repudiation avails nothing.  They too live on Urth, will not one
>survive into Ushas?

True. But they ARE in league with Erebus ("the darkness of Death" - that is
the literal definition of the word). The fact that the New Sun eventually
overcomes the darkness does change with whom they through their lot.

After the Deluge, there is no more Ascia and the Ascians are no longer
"shadowless". And if Erebus had won, there would be no New Sun and the
Concilliator's title and *declared* destiny would have been academic.


And now, ---> stuff I typed which I have determined are irrelevant to my
-----If I were to derive theology from everything in tBotNS - a mistake -
then I would say this rejects the posit that what each person believes his
afterlife will be like is what it will be like (ala the 9-11 bombers are NOT
currently being tended by 64 virgins). ----


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