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Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 19:21:10 -0800
From: Michael Andre-Driussi 
Subject: Re: (urth) Uncollected Wolfe Bibliography, brush-bush

G Willickers wrote:
>   For anyone who didn't read an original copy, or for
>those of you who read 4 editions and failed to correct
>me ENTIRELY (taking a jab at MANTIS, j/k), the quote
>mentioned a bush and a brush.
>   This is entirely not a typo. Some people prefer to
>look in four different editions (getting old? sorry)
>to prove this, but me, with my single edition, only
>have to remember that Wolfe, like so many other
>authors, use pronouns. He could have said another, or
>it, or something, if they were the same (or same type)
>of object. He didn't. Bush and brush. Different.

I don't recall that you ever mentioned which edition you were quoting from.
I don't have every edition; I am aware of a few different typos in the
editions I have (the Easton Press edition has the most embarassing one,
fwiw); thus as far as I knew it was completely possible for you to be
correctly quoting from a corrupt text.  You chide me for extending you the
benefit of the doubt?

(Re: textual variations. Dan Rabin is our specialist/memory man here, and I
pause to remind him of the horrific variation in the omnibus edition of
Long Sun, wherein "I" becomes "Horn." )

>   So, for the big request: could someone PLEASE post
>a complete list of uncollected Wolfe stories in loose
>MLA bibliography style? I know it's a large request,
>but it would be immensely helpful to myself and
>devoted others.
>   Come on mantis... you haven't anything better to
>do...(last mantis jab, I swear. Mantis, I respect you
>and your work very much).

Easy--it is already done.  Ta-da!  Haven't you been reading the messages at
all?  It was posted three days ago. Best of all, I didn't do it--it was
John Barach.


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