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Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 17:09:47 -0800 (PST)
From: Gage Kerrigan 
Subject: (urth) Uncollected Wolfe Bibliography, brush-bush

Hello all,

   I am lazy. I freely admit it. Why this matters...

   First, I don't feel like re-typing the bush/brush
quote from Shadow, but perhaps the more argumentative
among you (the ones who could most likely answer this
question) have memorized the passage already...

   As far as I know, I was the only one who attempted
to retype the passage on the posting list, mainly for
the benefit of others like me. This posed a a single
problem, and a single benefit (which I have already
stated indirectly). The problem was not definite, but,
Murphy triumphed, and I took more flak (indirectly)
fore that than I believe me typing it did good. I am
sorry for that. I have already apologized. I do again.


   I didn't get the quote entirely wrong (and I don't
mean that I mis-spelled every word). I maintain my
apology, but the replies to my post idicated only that
bush should have been brush, and this is a faulted as
my posting was.

   For anyone who didn't read an original copy, or for
those of you who read 4 editions and failed to correct
me ENTIRELY (taking a jab at MANTIS, j/k), the quote
mentioned a bush and a brush.

   This is entirely not a typo. Some people prefer to
look in four different editions (getting old? sorry)
to prove this, but me, with my single edition, only
have to remember that Wolfe, like so many other
authors, use pronouns. He could have said another, or
it, or something, if they were the same (or same type)
of object. He didn't. Bush and brush. Different.

   That's that, I just felt guilty and wanted to
clarify it, and, being lazy, lacked the willpower to
retype, and possible mis-spell again, the passage

   BTW, what's a brush? It obviousy has some
significance, since people cared enough to post
something about it, and I believe I heard short sun
mentioned somewhere... (I haven't gotten around to
short sun yet).

   And the other thing (with regards to my laziness),
was that I am a self-proclaimed Wolfe fan, and I would
hasten to procure (photo) copies of any Wolfe short
stories not in his published collections, but with the
information provided on the list so far, I think it
would be more difficult than it could be.

   So, for the big request: could someone PLEASE post
a complete list of uncollected Wolfe stories in loose
MLA bibliography style? I know it's a large request,
but it would be immensely helpful to myself and
devoted others.

   Come on mantis... you haven't anything better to
do...(last mantis jab, I swear. Mantis, I respect you
and your work very much).

    «Lord ESN»

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