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Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 15:12:58 -0700
From: John Barach 
Subject: Re: (urth) Uncollected Gene Wolfe

Here's a list of Wolfe stories (though I can't guarantee that they're
all stories, since I haven't seen most of them!) which aren't found in
any of his collections, including Bibliomen, Young Wolfe, For Rosemary,
and Plan(e)t Engineering:

* The Arimaspian Legacy, Cheap Street, 1987 

* At the Point of Capricorn, Cheap Street, 1983
	Weird Tales Spring 1988 

* The Boy Who Hooked the Sun, Cheap Street, 1985 
	Weird Tales Spring 1988 
	The Year's Best Fantasy: Second Annual Collection, ed. Ellen 
		Datlow & Terri Windling, St. Martin's, 1989

* Copperhead,

* The Eleventh City
	Graven Images: Fifteen Tales of Myth and Magic, ed.  Nancy 
		Kilpatrick and Thomas S. Roche, Ace, 2000.

* Empires of Foliage and Flower, Cheap Street, 1987 
	Crank! #2 '93 
 	The Best of Crank!, ed. Bryan Cholfin, Tor, 1998 

* The Fat Magician, Such a Pretty Face, ed. Lee Martingdale, 2000.

* A Fish Story, F&SF, Oct/Nov. 1999.
	The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 11, ed. Stephen Jones, 
		Robinson, 2000.

* Four Wolves, Amazing, 1983.

* The Friendship Light, F&SF Oct '89 
 	The Best from Fantasy & Science Fiction: A 45th Anniversary 
		Anthology, ed. Edward L. Ferman &  Kristine Kathryn 
		Rusch, St. Martin's, 1994 

* Game in the Pope's Head, Ripper!, ed. Gardner Dozois & Susan 
		Casper, Tor, 1988
	The Year's Best Fantasy: Second Annual Collection, ed. Ellen 
		Datlow & Terri Windling, St. Martin's, 1989

* Going to the Beach, Showcase, ed. Roger Elwood, 1973.

* Has Anybody Seen Junie Moon?, Moon Shots, ed. Peter Crowther and 
		Martin Greenberg, DAW, 1999.

* Houston, 1943, Tropical Chills, ed. Tim Sullivan, Avon, 1988 

* How I Got Three Zip Codes
	The Mammoth Book of Seriously Comic Fantasy, ed. Mike Ashley, 
		Robinson, 1999.

* How the Bishop Sailed to Inniskeen, Spirits of Christmas, ed. 
		Kathryn Cramer & David G. Hartwell, Wynwood, 1989 
	IASFM Dec '89 

* In Glory Like Their Star, F&SF, 2001.

* It's Very Clean, Generation, ed. David Gerrold, Dell, 1972 
 	Cybersex, ed. Richard Glyn Jones, Raven, 1996 

* Joe and Me, Locus 45, July 2000.

* Kid Sister, Dancing with the Dark, ed. Stephen Jones, Vista, 1997 

* King Under the Mountain, If 1970.

* The Legend of XI Cygnus, F&SF Oct/Nov '92 

* Loco Parentis, Again, Dangerous Visions, ed. Harlan Ellison, 
		Doubleday, 1972.

* Lord of the Land, Lovecraft's Legacy, ed. Robert Weinberg 
		& Martin H. Greenberg, Tor, 1990 
 	Best New Horror 2, ed. Stephen Jones & Ramsey Campbell, 
		Robinson, 1991 
 	The Giant Book of Best New Horror, ed. Stephen Jones & 
		Ramsey Campbell, Magpie, 1993 
 	Cthulhu 2000: A Lovecraftian Anthology, ed. Jim Turner, 
		Arkham House, 1995 

* A Method Bit in "B," Orbit 8, 1970.

* The Monday Man, Monochrome: The Readercon Anthology, ed. 
		Bryan Cholfin, Broken Mirrors Press, 1990

* The Night Chough, The Crow: Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams, ed. 
		J. O'Barr & Ed Kramer, Ballantine Del Rey, 1998 

* The Old Woman Whose Rolling Pin is the Sun, Cheap Streat.

* Petting Zoo, Return of the Dinosaurs, ed. Mike Resnick & Martin
		H. Greenberg, DAW, 1997 
 	Year's Best SF 3, ed. David G. Hartwell, HarperPrism, 1998 

* Queen, Realms of Fantasy, 2001.

* Read Me, The Drabble Project, ed. Rob Meades & David B. Wake, 
		Beccon Publications, 1988 

* Remembrance to Come, Orbit 6, 1970.

* Robot's Story, Again, Dangerous Visions, ed. Harlan Ellison, 
		Doubleday, 1972.

* The Sailor Who Sailed After the Sun, Grails: Quests, 
		Visitations and Other Occurences, ed. Richard Gilliam, 
		Martin H. Greenberg & Edward E. Kramer, Atlanta, GA: 
		Unnameable Press, 1992 
 	The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Sixth Annual Collection, 
		ed. Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, St.  Martin's, 1993 
	Grails: Quests of the Dawn, ed. Richard Gilliam, Martin 
		H. Greenberg & Edward E. Kramer, Penguin/Roc,  1994 

* The Seraph from the Sepulcher, Sacred Visions, ed. Andrew M. Greeley & 
		Michael Cassutt, Tor, 1991 

* Slow Children at Play, Cheap Street: New Castle, VA, 1989 

* The Tale of the Four Accused, Arabesques 2, ed. Susan Shwartz, 
		Avon, 1989 

* Tarzan of the Grapes, F&SF, 1972
	Mother Was a Lovely Beast, ed. Philip Jose Farmer, 
		Chilton, 1974.

* Thou Spark of Blood, If 1970.

* A Travelers in Desert Lands, The Lost Continent: New Tales 
		of Zothique, ed. John Pelan, Shadowlands, 1999.

* The Tree Is My Hat
	999, ed. Al Sarrantonio, 1999.
	The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, Thirteenth Annual 
		Collection, eds. Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling Griffen, 2000.

* Try and Kill It, Asimov's Oct/Nov '96 

* The Waif, F&SF, Jan. 2002.

* The Walking Sticks
	Taps and Sighs, ed. Peter Crowther, Subterranean Press, 2000.
	Year's Best Fantasy # 1, ed. David G. Hartwell, Tor, 2001.

* Wolfer, Wild Women, ed. Melissa Mia Hall, Carroll & Graf, 1997 

* The Woman Who Went Out, F&SF Jun '85 

* Wrapper
	Lamps on the Brow, 1998.

Of these, I've read "Petting Zoo," "The Tree Is My Hat," and "The
Walking Sticks."

"Petting Zoo" is a pretty light story, picking up Wolfe's interest in
the possibility of genetically re-creating extinct animals (in this
case, a dinosaur).

"The Walking Sticks" and "The Tree Is My Hat" are both horror stories. 
"The Walking Sticks" draws on Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde.  "Tree" is set in
the Caribbean, if I remember correctly. The editor of 999, in which it
was first published, says something like "The title may sound strange,
but by the end of the story, you'll know what it means."  Well ... I'm
not entirely sure I do.

Hope this helps!



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