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Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 14:03:07 -0800
From: Michael Andre-Driussi 
Subject: (urth) Nacre glosses the hits

Nacre wrote:

>The Arimapsian Legacy          CS
>This is a typo; the title is "The Arimaspian Legacy".

Is it?  Dang!  I was just cringing at the Ultan's Library typo (which may
in fact be correct according to your title), so I double-checked against
"Urth Man Extraordinary" (not "Urth Man Extraordinare"!) and they spell it
like I did.  So another typo for Phil Stephensen-Payne to fix up!

>Lord of the Land               Lovecraft's Legacy, BNH #2
>There's another typo here--mantis means YBH #2.

No, UME gives it as BEST NEW HORROR 2.  Is that incorrect?  Tell me, tell Phil.

>Slow Children                  CS
>The full title is "Slow Children at Play".

Oops.  That one is my fault.

>(Digression:  The chapbooks aren't hard to find--they're
>all available from Cheap Street--but they're expensive,
>averaging over $50 each for pamphlets, and "Empires" is
>only available in (a) very costly editions, again from
>Cheap Street; (b) the practically unavailable _Crank!_
>#2; and (c) the _Best of Crank!_ anthology--easy enough
>to find, and reasonably priced, but it still means buying
>a whole book for a single Wolfe story.  If anyone knows
>of a small publisher who might be interested (mantis?), a
>deal similar to the one that Cholfin must have worked out
>with Cheap Street and Wolfe could perhaps be arranged, by
>which a more affordable volume collecting "Empires" and
>the chapbook stories would be published.)

My understanding is that Bryan Cholfin =bought= the remaining copies of
EF&F as pre-requisite to publishing the "everyman" edition.  (Yeah, I know,
I know: "Think of it as an =investment=.")

That was in, what, 1992?

It seems impossible these days to do any small press Wolfe book.  The
barriers are real, and quite solid.  I have tried, Nick Gevers has tried,
there must be others reading this who have tried.  Such things have been
done in the past by Ziesing,  Nesfa, and United Mythologies, but they
aren't doing them now.  Then again, new small press folk are
self-generating all the time, so it could happen.  As much as I wish it
would, I really, really doubt it.

>I'm very fond of "The Monday Man", which is one of the
>first-person character stories; it's set in the Depres-
>sion, and is about role reversal.

I thought this was the one where the policeman is telling the story and the
role-reversal was between . . . well, I don't want to give it away.  But
while it is set in mundane USA, it has a link to the Presence Chamber of
Urth.  IRRC, and I'm probably mixing it up something horrible.



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