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Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 21:45:32 -0600
From: Jeff Wilson 
Subject: (urth) Just Desserts

> From: Gage Kerrigan 

>    1. The space program has been maimed to the extent
> of the Black Night in Monty Python's Quest for the
> Holy Grail.
>    2. I was correct there as well...

The manned program, yes. Unmanned space activity is doing pretty good
for itself. 

> Ps. Attn: Anyone who is uninvolved, I regret coming
> off as boastful, arrogant, and impertenent. I was
> merely dissapointed with having my premonitions
> squashed beyond flat, and I felt that having such
> weighty evidence gave me some bragging/gloating rights
> post-thrashing...

No problem, I think you earned it. 

Jeff Wilson
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