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Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 17:41:48 -0800 (PST)
From: Gage Kerrigan 
Subject: (urth) lacerations?

> Far from bloody shreds 'twas more a mild laceration
> disputing only your contention that mankind did not
> make it in space at all because the idea is flatly 
> contradicted both in the reported history in TBotNS
> and in the person of Jonas.

   Oh? I said that? Actually...

   Perhaps certain people were so emotionally
disturbed by my claim of "the death of the space
program", which I still believe to be true, that they
did not catch the COMPLETE following idea... "humanity
would leave the planet when Urth no longer supported
life." which, I feel, indicates my knowledge of
space-bound humanity, but only after many years of
procrastination/rationalization. I don't know many
people that would mistake leaving later for not
leaving at all, but hey...

   Is there any evidence in TBotNS of continued
lacerations causing bloody shreds to detach themselves
from the client, or can we just call that common sense
among torturers?


once again, apologies to those of you who were not
involved, most likley as the result of non-selective
reading within my previous post.

G Willickers
Gage Kerrigan

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