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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) 5HC: Ides of Marsch
Date: Fri,  5 Jun 98 21:11:00 GMT

Journal of Marsch--first revision

 cut pages--first three (p. 152)
   Presumably Covering: splashdown on Sainte Anne (p. 219)
                        military police interrogation (p. 219)
                        staying in Roncevaux
                             the hotel
                             buying books
                             visiting the University (p. 219)
 Observations on Frenchman's Landing (p. 153)
 "There was a native race" (p. 156)
 March 13--interview Mrs. Mary Blount (p. 15)
<a few pages later>
 March ??--interview Mr. D (p. 160)
 March 19(? two days before entry p. 196?)--interview M. Culot
(p. 160) and same night interview Dr. Hagsmith (p. 162).
<page later>

 March 20?--interview M.d'F, who mentions ruins and cave (p. 165)
(p. 195)
 March 21--meet R.T. and V.R.T. (p. 196)
 March 22--with R.T. and V.R.T. to ruins (p. 203)

<twenty or thirty pages after interview M.d'F>
 April ??--list of equipment, including books "most bought in
Roncenvaux" (p. 166)
 April 6--first night out (p. 167)
 April 7--through Frogtown (p. 169)
 April 8--the cat appears (p. 170)
 April 10--talking to V.R.T. (first time named as such) regarding
his future (p. 172)
 April 11--referencing the Field Guide, "single brain shot" of
unlisted big animal at a full three hundred yards (p. 176)
 April 12--boy washing post-coitus/ghoul-bear attack (p. 243)
 April 15--small tracks of might be children around kill (p.
 April 16--talking to V.R.T. regarding an anthro book he has
read, V.R.T.'s mimicing Marsch and Hagsmith (p. 247)
 April 21--shot a prance pony as staking animal for the tire-
tiger (p. 250)
 "April 22"--shooting the tire-tiger (p. 259)
 "April 23"--cat bites hand, causing bad penmanship (p. 259)
 "April 24"--eating the prance-pony (p. 260)
 "April 25"--break camp (p. 260)
 "April 26"--the boy is dead; I lied about the date (it is really
June 1); I killed the cat (p. 260)
 June 3--higher in the hills (p. 262)
 June 4--Puss-in-Boots (p. 263)
 June 6--marched all day (p. 265)
 June 7--last entry, the queen of night? (p. 266)

<Three Years in the field>

Appearance at Laon (p. 225)
 Selling equipment, sending radiogram re "boy's death" to
Frenchman's Landing

Return to Roncevaux for one year (p. 225)
 Audit grad courses (p. 226)
 Gave talks at university (p. 224)
 visited a prostitute (p. 234)
 clue about mother (p. 238)

Travel from Sainte Anne to Sainte Croix

<One Year after arriving in Sainte Croix>
 June 5--arrested (p. 267)


Second: (p. 218)
Fifth: (p. 214)
Seventeenth: (p. 151) and notes (p. 253)


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