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From: Patri10629 <Patri10629@aol.com>
Subject: (urth) Re:SEVERIAN, THE MOVIE
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 13:49:47 EDT

People, People, People!!

You're thinking small. We're talking major Boffo Sci-Fi here. Important event
stuff. Epic caliber. Cast of thousands. Heston cameo prob. High-profile
Special effects. July 4 opening. Oscar for costume design. I
mean--Xena/Hecules--John Q P is Eating up this stuff. So let's keep it broad.
Don't get low-concept--we're talking fucking Torturer's here. Aliens. Nudity
in the first act. Come on--It can't lose!

> Severian: Kevin (Screw POST/WORLD--The man Kills, The Man Suffers, The Man
gets beaten--he Loves that shit. He'll do it for a percentage.)
> Dorcas: One of the FRIENDS girls. Instant 20-30. Take your pick.
> Dr. Talos: I'm thinking Guilgood. Thespian chops. last legs. Oscar
sysmpathy. He still alive? British thing. Give it Tone.
> Baldanders: Someone Big. That fat Canadian guy. Plays evil good.
Or--shudder--Brando. Test him. 
> The Autarch: Any old gay hollywood geriatric. Take your pick. No Wait!!
Brilliance. Fucking Hepburn! 91. Wobbly delivery but we can dub. Robes! Man?
Woman!? Brilliance.
> Vodalus: Walken, OK? No question. Pervert. Outcast. One look says "Drugs.
Danger " Forgetaboudit.
> Thecla: First act death thing. Boner Quotient. Maturity optional. Say,
Paltrow. Has Streep been working out? She can Play sexy but can she put the
boys in the seats?
> Jolenta: Remember we're talking Two dames here. Plain into Babe. Tricky.
Somebody into.../Winslet?No. Got it.  Ellen Barkin/Cameron Diaz--Eh? EH? Not
bad, eh?

Rest is Gravy. Speilberg will die for it. But lean toward some director wont'
go Kubrick on us. Talk to Eisner. Have your Treatment to me next week. Hit
sword hard. Could be our Ad Hook. And those titles? Forgetaboutdit. How bout
something conceptual/moralistic, Toney: "Live By The Sword"? Eh? EH?

Booby, I think we're onto something.




Patrick O'Leary

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