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From: CRCulver@aol.com
Subject: Re:  (urth) Free will in BOtNS
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 17:35:39 

[Posted from URTH, a mailing list about Gene Wolfe's New Sun and other works]

David Wells said:
>But what really puzzles me is how the "Apu Punchau experience" fits into

     Apu-Punchau was the Severian of the first "iteration" of Briah, before
the timeline was altered. (See _Citadel_ chapter XXXVIII, paragraph 5). I've
never been adept at explaining temporal mechanics, so I hope you can get all
you want to know out of the BotNS text itself.

Christopher R. Culver <crculver@aol.com>
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