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From: "Joe Eull" <lo_phan17@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: Digest whorl.v012.n183
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 23:58:31 -0500

Trying to digest the thesis Marc's  been developing. There are a lot of
One question though? If Horn is in Babbie, why have him in glasses? Silk is
more likely to be in glasses, no? I do think there is something to this, but
the relevant chapters didn't help me work it out. It makes me wonder though.
The neighbour
Hoof sees in the ring is pictured on the limb of a tree. I've always
imagined this meant she was
on a ship, like the Ship Severian takes to Yesod. I thought this because of
an essay idea I've
been nursing about trees in UotNS. But an interesting thing occured to me:.
The second thing
Severian describes after the flooding of the House Absolute, is an uprooted
tree, floating in the
risen ocean (UotNS Orb pg310).

> That is to say, the example we have in the text (URTH), is that the Ship
> sails out of the Briah universe and into the (presumably tachyonic)
> universe of Yesod. Then Severian gets =off= the ship, spends a short
> of time (a local day or so, iirc) on the world/ship Yesod, and then, from
> =within= the world/ship Yesod (which might be another universe
> i.e., "Abaddon") Severian is teleported (simultaneity) to Briatic space,
> near enough to the Ship to be drawn onboard with a life saver.

I've been trying to remember Wolfe stories that talk about FTL drive.
describes the return trip as an out of phase wave which cancels the time
dilation effect,
and I think Alien Stones has something I'll check later.
In UotNS, it seems like Severian's return is like an electron stepping down
a valence shell.
Could the new sun be corroborant with this kind of radiance? Severian has
made long trip
across the centuries going up to Yesod, can the energy gained be used to
create a new sun
in Briah? Do Ymar and S's predecessor contribute energy by their journey's?
10 foot pole
tapping in the dark here...very dangerous with Sev 3 out there.

Joe Eull

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