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From: "Huw Foster" <huw.foster@ntlworld.com>
Subject: Re: Interzone (OT)
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 12:07:24 -0000

> I am one of IZ's assistant editors - have been for 20 years.    Slushpile
> reader, really.   I am just aa fan.  IZ is a shoestring thing, all dags
> tatters.

>     Andy Robertson

That's interesting Andy.  I've been a faithful reader since around Issue 50,
many years ago.   Always an interesting magazine, sometimes very good
indeed.  How did you get involved - do you live in the Brighton area? Were
you already a friend of David Pringle?
NB I was just thinking about the many stories I've read in the mag over the
years - I guess my favourites (well the ones that immediately spring to
mind) are 'A Crab Must Try' by Barrington Bayley and 'Cities' (I believe
that was the title) by Storm Constantine.

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