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From: James Jordan <jbjordan4@home.com>
Subject: Re: (whorl) Beast with Three Horns / Pike as Father of Blood
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2002 16:44:14 -0600

At 09:21 AM 1/3/2002 -0700, you wrote:

>Ok, then we get that weird scene at the very end of On blue's Waters where
>"someone on shore called again, for Babbie, and I understood that he mant me;
>it never so much as occurred to me then that I had sometimes been called
>"Silk" or "Horn." He who called me seemed quite near, and he called me with
>more urgency than Sewrack ever has." (221 of SFBC BOTSS) ..."Goodbye again
>Nettle.  I have always loved you.  Good-bye, Sinew, my son.  [more good-byes
>to everybody]...I found him in the forest, sitting in the dark under the
>trees.  I could not see him.  It was too dark to see anything.  But I knelt
>beside him and laid my head upon his knee, and he comforted me." (222)

         The rest of your post is interesting, and you may be right, but at 
present I'm more inclined to think this was a Neighbor calling to Horn as a 
"baby." I don't see evidence that Horn can "transmigrate his soul" in any 
way apart from Neighborly help. Maybe I'm forgetting something. Doesn't he 
only have such astral visitations and transportations when in contact with 
a Neighbor or a Neighborly artifact (such as an inhumu)?
         I thought of Horn as like a Babbie to the Neighbors, just as 
astrally Babbie is a kind of subhuman man (a baby) to Horn/Silk.
         But I don't have any thoughts on the 3-horned beast. Your 
hypothesis is interesting, to say the least. The Harlot in Revelation rules 
over the earth on a 10-horned beast, often taken to mean 10 nations (i.e., 
10 parts of the Roman Empire -- though I don't think this is the right 
interpretation). Doesn't Horn(/Silk) rule, one way or another, successively 
over three nations of Blue?


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