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From: "Dan'l Danehy-Oakes" <ddanehy@siebel.com>
Subject: RE: (whorl) dual list discussion
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 08:34:39 -0800

Eule wrote: 

> Hello everyone
> I'm a long time lurker but looking to post more often. I'm for one
> list but would prefer it Wolfe only. ... Ranjit, is it possible to 
> have a Wolfe list and a more open, general discussion list? 

Actually this isn't a bad idea a-tall: One list for Wolfe discussion
and one for other "Lupine" writers. Except, of course, that the second
list quickly becomes a combination general literary discussion and
argument about "what is Lupine," so its value might fall into
question fairly quickly. Or maybe not. I like the idea if it could
be handled well.

H'mmmm. How about this: One main list, one to which we _move_ 
discussions when they wander off the immediately Lupine? And what to 
call such lists?

"Wolfe" and "Dogge"? 

"Lupine" and "Quasilupine?"

"Whorl" and "Swirl?"

"Urth" and "Sky"?

"Fred" and "Ethel"?

"Wolfetrain" and "Sidecar"?


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