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From: "j e" <lo_phan17@hotmail.com>
Subject: dual list discussion
Date: Sun, 09 Dec 2001 19:53:22 -0500

Hello everyone
I'm a long time lurker but looking to post more often. I'm for one list but 
would prefer it Wolfe only. Pullman and Crowley may be fine writers, worthy 
of some of the fine-toothedness I've seen demonstrated here, but I'd prefer 
a Wolfe-dedicated discussion. Ranjit, is it possible to have a Wolfe list 
and a more open, general discussion list? I don't know how the financial 
side of whorl hosting works or what options you have but it seems to me 
you've enabled the formation of a community and it would be interesting to 
see the scope of exchange broadened. Anyone else feel similarly?

As for a handle I'm picking one that's seems both whorlly and close to my 
own name - Eule.

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