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From: "Endy9" <endymion91@home.com>
Subject: (whorl) Straga
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 05:16:13 

I was watching "World's Scariest Places" last night.  The episode was "Night
in Count Dracula's Castle".  In the setup interviews with locals they kept
mentioning the word

It was defined as spirit of the dead.  It could take the shape of an animal
such as wolf (werewolf), bat (vampire) etc.  People who performed evil in
life often return this way.  Also, if dead are mistreated during life or
their graves afterward, the strigoi returns so don't disrespect grave or
mistreat the person in life, etc.

I might have missed this discussion earlier.  Have you already discussed the
origins of Straga as Wolfe used it?  Just threw a different light on the
grandmother calling Horn/Silk this.  When I read In Green's Jungles,  I took
it only as a person of magical power like a village sorcerer or wizard.


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