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From: William Ansley <wansley@warwick.net>
Subject: RE: (whorl) Fan fic? Fooey.
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 23:41:40 

At 8:23 AM -0700 6/20/01, Dan'l Danehy-Oakes wrote:
>William Ansley wrote:
>  > ... I have been reading SF/F for over 35 years now but I have
>  > always kept my distance from any "fannish" activities.
>William, William, William... I don't know how to tell you this,
>but this list is a fannish activity, or, as they used to say
>-- do they still? -- "fanac."
>Granted, it's the kind of fanac that isn't usually referred to
>as "fannish," but only because within fandom "fannish" was (is?)
>generally used in contrast to "sercon," short for "serious and
>constructive," where "fannish" was more the "partying with a few
>thousand of your closest friends" sort of thing.
>Much of the traffic on this list tends toward the sercon, but
>it's all fannish in the larger sense.

You know, it did occur to me that such a reply might greet my message 
and I agree with it. I should have said "... I have for, the most 
part, kept my distance from any 'fannish' activities."  But I do have 
three things to say in response.

-As you note, this list is really not what I meant by "fannish." I 
certainly am not familiar with the jargon of fandom you keep tossing 

-Aside from this discussion list, which I won't deny has suffered 
from a great deal of my turgid prose, and some postings to 
rec.arts.sf-lovers, oh, ever so long ago, I *have* avoided any 
fannish activities, aside from reading way too much SF/F and watching 
a relatively few movies and tv shows.

-There have been a few postings to this list which have struck me as 
vaguely repellant and frightening. <G>

William Ansley

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