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From: Jerry Friedman <jerry_friedman@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: (whorl) Quotable Short Sun
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 09:01:00 

--- Doug Eigsti <dougeigsti@yahoo.com> wrote:
> One of the reasons I read Gene Wolfe is for the
> great
> lines. Here then are some to roll off your tongue.
> Again.
> page.paragraph (- indicates from the bottom)
> 122.-2 Sometimes it is better to make haste slowly.

Augustus Caesar, "Festina lente" (make hast slowly).

> 185.2 If you wish to do a thing again, you must do
> it slowly.



> 234.3 A closed mouth catches nae flies.

A European proverb.  Prosper Merrimee cites a Romany
version in "Carmen" (a recommended story--the long
version has the weirdest ending I've ever read), and
translates it into French as "En close bouche n'entre
point mouche", but I'll bet it's much older.

> 237.-1 The eyes see what the mind expects.

An old one--anybody know an original source?

> 257.2 We are every bit as human as you are, whatever
> that means.



> 381.-2 
> Iím old now and soon must leave you,
> But a fairer maid I neíer did see.
> Curse me not that I bereave you,
> I cannot stay, no more would she.
> These fair young girls live to deceive you, 
> Sad experience teaches me.

One of Wolfe's best, I think, though his supposed folk
songs always strike me as too smooth.

> 18.-6 A wise man never harms another unless he
> intends to harm.

"A gentleman is one who never gives offense
unintentionally."  Don't remember the source.

> 24.-2 Experience is a wonderful teacher, but one
> whose lessons come too late.

I feel fairly sure this is a quotation from somewhere.

> 32.2 If workís a good thing, why donít the rich take
> it?

Ditto (not quite as sure).


> 155.-4 At least I know how little I know.


> 247.3 Interest, excitement and heroics enough for
> every quill in Orebís wings.

Good thing birds molt.


Jerry Friedman

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