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From: Adam Stephanides <adamsteph@earthlink.net>
Subject: (whorl) Editors
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2001 17:26:14 

on 6/4/01 4:49 PM, Dan'l Danehy-Oakes at ddanehy@siebel.com wrote:

> we know that the 
> editors do not object to inserting a few obvious editorial
> comments into the text; have they made any less obvious
> comments? Any fictionalizing? Any tonings-down or deletions?
> Can we even begin to guess?

The editors tell us in their afterword "These [Horn's narrative] we have
left as he composed them, save for correction of obvious errors, division
into chapters, and titling those chapters and his volumes." (409)  Which
raises the (unanswerable) questions: what did the editors consider to be
"obvious errors," and how frequent were they?


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