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From: Jerry Friedman <jerry_friedman@yahoo.com>
Subject: (whorl) Re: Digest whorl.v012.n134
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 14:05:07 

> From: Michael Andre-Driussi
> <mantis@siriusfiction.com>
> Subject: Re: (whorl) Cilinia's mausoleum
> I wrote:
> >Jerry Friedman wrote:
> >
> >>(Chap. 19, a mausoleum [apparently not Severian's
> >>hideout] in the necropolis
> >
> >Ah, this has been established (or otherwise
> achieved consensual validity in
> >excess of 51%)?  I hadn't known, I must have missed
> that . . . it poses a
> >leap I cannot follow.
> Nevermind.  I withdraw the statement/question.

And here I brought the books in to work (I'm just
part-time) to post the relevant quotes!

> OTOH, it does lead to an interesting notion: what
> if, instead of a FAQ
> about a book/series/story, what if there was a
> position tabulation, sort of
> like a voting ballet, showing broad points
> ("Participants like the piece"
> xx%; "Respondents dislike the piece" xx%), then
> medium points, down to fine
> detail points?
> It would be a digested digest, I suppose.  A
> tallying person would read
> through the thread, picking out the various points
> of concensus and
> contention, then use these to create the ballot. 
> Rather like making an
> index, in a way.  The ballot could then be voted on
> afresh, or the
> percentages could just be filled in based on how the
> discussion seemed to
> go in the original.
> At the end of this there would be these handly
> little one-page summaries of
> where everybody has been and which sides they were
> on.  Like a busload of
> tourists posing for a snapshot.
> That would be something!

I'd certainly be interested in this, though it would
be a big project.

> From: "Kevin J. Maroney" <kmaroney@ungames.com>
> Ahah! The Wolfe Seminar! We could all get pink, red,
> grey, and black balls
> and vote on whether Severian is his own mother....

Thanks to you, I now have learned a little about the
Jesus Seminar.  But come on!  Everybody knows that
Severian's mother, after walking the corridors of
time, played holy Katherine at the torturers' feast!
Ha ha only kidding.

Jerry Friedman

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