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From: Jerry Friedman <jerry_friedman@yahoo.com>
Subject: (whorl) Silkhorn^H^H^H^H and Severian
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 15:14:41 

I promised you folks an unfounded speculation. 
participants on this list have mentioned that some
crucial event seems to occur between Silkhorn's last
two astral trips to Urth.  In the second-last, Hoof
says Silkhorn "looked more like our father there, not
really like him, but more than on Blue."  (RRTTW,
17, two trips in quick succession to the _Samru_.)  In
the last, Hoof says, "Before he had looked a lot like
our real father, and Hide says that is the way he
always looked on the Red Sun Whorl. Now he did not." 
(Chap. 19, a mausoleum [apparently not Severian's
hideout] in the necropolis, and the oubliette.)  But
we're told about very little that happens between
these two trips.  And what is the reason for this
strange clarity on such an important point as the
astral appearance?

Several people have also criticized Silkhorn's
with Severian for being indecisive, apparently just
decoration--"fanficcy", as Jacob Corbin aptly said.

So could there be a connection between these two
puzzles?  Are you already ahead of me?  Does Severian
by his mere presence resurrect Silk?  Right around the
same time, Triskele stirred to life beneath his hand,
two years before the Claw came to him.  (From
at the end of _Citadel_.)

There's a strong objection to this speculation: the
transformation happens at the wrong time.  We might
have expected it at Silkhorn's first meeting with
Severian (Chap. 13), or failing that, when he dreams
Severian (Chap. 15), or at their last meeting, but not
in between.

I can see two answers to the objection.  First, time
does strange things around Severian and the Claw (or
vice-versa).  Second, maybe it was a gradual process
that Hoof didn't really notice till it was (almost?)
complete.  This latter could also apply to other
possible causes for the change of appearance.

Incidentally, the trip on the _Samru_ to see the Great
Scylla might also have had something to do with Silk's
resurrection.  The trip ends on Ocean, and maybe they
pass the beaches where the wild roses grow whose
are Claws.  (Yes, it's my favorite scene too.  And 
above I typed "horns" instead of "thorns".)

Any comments?

Jerry Friedman

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