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From: matthew.malthouse@guardian.co.uk
Subject: Re: (whorl) Re: Re: Godlings
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 17:01:53 +0100

On 19/04/2001 22:51:26 Robert Borski wrote:

>Kevin J. Maroney writing:
><That seems contrary to the idea of "small godlings". If the Narrator is
>indeed thinking of Pig a small godling, it seems odd to call him that when
>he's only slightly larger than a normal human.>
>Guess it depends on how you configure Pig's height. When Horn first
>encounters him (perhaps significantly the chapter is entitled "Great Pas's
>Godling"), he is in Silk's body, who is considered tall. Horn subsequently
>describes how Pig's hands are twice his own size, and at one point how Pig's
>elbow brushed his ear. My own elbows are located at about the 3/5 mark of my
>total height (I'm 6'4"), which may mean Pig is as tall as ten feet. Robert
>Pershing Wadlow--the tallest person ever in history according to
>Guinness--was only 8' 11". So I'd argue that Pig's height may well fall
>within the parameters that define "small" godlingness.

In the shriving scene soon after reaching Viron which I read (in a rather
befuddled state) last night there's a comment that Horn would come up to Pig's

It jarred me because although Pig is big nothing intimated *that* big to me

Roughly I'm 70", to the knees is 20" so Horn/Silk might be 2/7 the height of
Pig.  If H/S were say 6'4" Pig would be 266" or 22 foot 2 inches at which point
I go Eeek!

The only other passage which I can recall that hints at such height is where Pig
and Horn leave Hyacinth's room an Pig "crawls" through the door.  Now the doors
in Blood's mansion are not likely to be mean little things but still I hadn't
visualised anything like a 20 foot jolly green (if grubby) giant.


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