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From: William Ansley <wansley@warwick.net>
Subject: Re: (whorl) Bad Horn
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 23:55:23 

At 10:43 AM +0000 2/19/00, Allan Lloyd wrote:
>And Crowley's "Daemonomania". Words fail me. Is there any discussion of
>Crowley's work on the web? On a second reading, I've just started to
>realise how much of the historical part which I had assumed was fantasy
>is based on John Dee's actual life and works; and how much the realistic
>present day sections are mutating into fantasy as Crowley's world
>changes. I can't wait for the final novel in the sequence. Does anyone
>have any idea how long it is likely to be before he finishes it?

At last, a perfect opportunity!

The answer to your question is yes and no. There is a Crowley 
discussion group* on line, but there hasn't been much discussion for 
quite a while. This is at least partly because there are only seven 
members in the group right now, which seems to be below the critical 

This group is in the form of a Yahoo! Club. You can receive messages 
by email but you have to visit the web site to post messages. 
However, the emails contain links to take you directly to the proper 
web page. You can see the archive of the messages so far at the link 


If you want to join you will have to send an email to Teresa Toro, 
the club founder, asking her to invite you.

And now my apologies to the list. I know some of you have already 
received invitations to join this "club;" I am sorry if my bringing 
it up again is inconvenient or annoying. I am posting this message to 
the list because I know there are many who did not receive an 
invitation, especially lurkers. I apologize for cross-posting this 
message, but I want to make sure that I reach people who may only be 
subscribed to the Urth list and are interested in signing up.

I think this has the potential to lead to a good discussion group, 
despite the off-putting fact that is it called a club and the 
off-putting commercial connotations of it being associated with 
Yahoo!, but it seems certain that it will only work if there are more 

William Ansley

*There , of course, may be much Crowley discussion on the Internet 
elsewhere that I am not aware of.

*This is WHORL, for discussion of Gene Wolfe's Book of the Long Sun.
*More Wolfe info & archive of this list at http://www.moonmilk.com/whorl/
*To leave the list, send "unsubscribe" to whorl-request@lists.best.com
*If it's Wolfe but not Long Sun, please use the URTH list: urth@lists.best.com

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