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From: James Jordan <jbjordan4@home.com>
Subject: (whorl) Jahlee's Death Again
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 15:51:55 

	Let me try out an hypothesis on you that may explain some of the ending.
	We start out with Horn. Horn learns about the inhumi, and even comes to 
love Krait. He sees the evil, but also the possible good of the inhumi.
	Horn becomes the Narrator, who is Horn mostly (see below). The Narrator 
has more experiences with the inhumi, learns to care for Fava and Jahlee, etc.
	But right at the end, Silk begins to awaken, it seems. Assuming he did: 
What does Silk know about the inhumi? Nothing really. He was not with Horn, 
and was asleep during the adventures of the Narrator. Sure, he's got Horn 
with him still (in some sense), but the more Silky the Narrator becomes, 
the more he seems to be reacting to the inhumi the way we would expect 
someone without Horn's experience to react. Not only does he swiftly and 
brutally kill Jahlee, but he's not very understanding with Jugano either.
	From the perspective of the inhumi horde, the Narrator seems to have 
abandoned the promise that they saw in him. They don't know about this 
personality transformation and why it is happening, but they can see that 
the Narrator has turned against them, it seems. Thus, the attack.
	On the Narrator as mainly Horn: The Neighbors make their deal with Horn. A 
Neighbor accompanies Horn on Green in the city. A Neighbor sends Horn into 
Silk's wounded body. Later on, the Neighbors continue to treat the Narrator 
as the same person they've dealt with before. I think this is a problem for 
those who think Horn died on Green. The Neighbors, we must assume, would 
know if that were really the case. The Neighbors assume a continuity 
between Horn and the Narrator, which tells me that the Narrator continues 
to be mainly Horn; i.e., that Horn is alive in Silk.
	Maybe the Narrator is Horn-Silk until the end, and then Silk-Horn afterwards.

Patera Nutria

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