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From: "Endymion9" <endymion9@mindspring.com>
Subject: (whorl) Still digesting the series
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 15:41:48 

In reading the various points of view expressed and upon having had a few
weeks to digest the series I find

1.  I still enjoyed the journey and the sights I was shown as I usually do
in a Wolfe novel.

2.  I agree with most of alga's points in her last post and if those loose
ends had been tied up I would rate this series as one of the best 5 I've
ever read instead of just rating it "good."

I find I have no desire to reread this series (I've read OBW twice, IGJ
twice and RttW once) because I have no faith that I would find more answers.
Where as I have read TBOTNS three times and am itching for a fourth.
Heck!   I think I would probably even rather retackle Castleview, the most
confusing Wolfe novel I've read yet (3 times and still lost), than try to
dig out answers to this series.

Now for those that love frustration I just finished Jonathan Carroll's "The
Wooden Sea" and before that read "The Marriage of Sticks."  He seems to have
caught Wolfe disease (grin).   I understood very little and saw a lot of the
same tricks.  Devices thrown in and made to seem very important and never
explained, but once again I enjoyed the characters and the journey even if I
don't know where I went.


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