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From: "Endymion9" <endymion9@mindspring.com>
Subject: (whorl) Re: Pas on Blue & Re:Mucor's fate
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 18:36:59 

Adam Stephanides wrote:
>Do you have any references for 2?  Yes, Horn clearly knows that he died on
>Green, that he is in a different body, and that everybody thinks he's Silk.
>But I don't remember any passages indicating that he has drawn the obvious
>inference that he is in Silk's body (prior to the talk with Remora).  Nor,
>apart from the Pas-on-Blue statement, do I recall him saying anything that
>shows he knows that Silk's spirit has merged with his own.

Adam, the only references I have are the many you mentioned.  He knows
people think he looks like Silk, he knows people think he is Silk.  I am
just inferring that he let's himself go only "so far" and his rational mind
realizes he is in Silk's body, but that his mind won't let him go the final
step as to what the implication of that means.  This is just a general
feeling from the many times his mind touches on the fact he looks like Silk
now.  No one passage where he says "By god, I'm Silk."

maa32 wrote:
>Since I've only read the short sun books once (quickly) I'm sure I missed
>something, but in RttW it seemed to me that Mucor was quite dead and that
>manifestation on the whorl was just a spiritual residue.  Why else would
>Marble leave?  (I would re-read the 3rd person narrative sections, but I
>have the book with me).  Is Mucor explicitly around when Silk picks Marble
> She doesn't show up at all in the "present" timeline of the text, does
>There's no reason for her to be left behind.

I had the same reaction and posted the question earlier, "what ever happened
to Mucor?"  Others responded that they thought she was self sufficient and
was taking care of Marble, not the other way around, so Marble felt no
problem in leaving her to go to Olivine.  My gut still tells me different.
I still have the feeling (I can't prove yet) that she died and that Wolfe
was trying to tell us that when her spirit appeared to Pig somehow.  I see
her as another important female that Wolfe for some reason decided to just
easily discard without explanation at the end of the story <shrug>.


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