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From: Adam Stephanides <adamsteph@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: (whorl) homeopathic doses of Typhon
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2001 21:38:44 

on 3/30/01 4:44 PM, Dan Parmenter at dan@lec.com wrote:

> I've often wondered where the Hornsilk "military mind" comes from,
> particularly in IGJ.  SilkHorn himself seems to provide the answer on
> page 252 with the following exchange.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> "This better work, Incanto," Inclito said, studying them as
> they leaned against the earth-filled bags or crouched in the snow to
> eat.
> "Will Pas drive us from this Whorl if it doesn't?"
> He looked around at me, surprised.  "I don't think he's even
> here.  We left him up there with the Long Sun.
> "In one sense he wasn't there, either.  In another he is here
> with us at this moment, because I am."
> Inclito said nothing for a tiume, but I am not at all sure how
> long a time it was; I was lost in thought.  At last - "Because you
> pray to him, that's what you mean.  He hears you praying."
> I nodded.  "I hope so at least."

Horn can't be literally saying that Pas is in him, because if he knew that
Pas was in him, he'd know that Silk was in him, and he doesn't.  Inclito's
gloss is accurate as far as Horn's conscious meaning goes.  Still, I agree
that this passage is suggestive of Pas being present in Horn, more so than
anything anyone else has put forward, though I remain unconvinced.

If Pas was downloaded into Horn, it was presumably along with the Divine
Silk, when Pig got his eye.  So do you hold with mantis that Silk's spirit
was completely absent from Horn until then (which I'm convinced is wrong)?
Or do you think that after receiving the Divine Silk Horn had both the human
Silk and the Divine Silk in him?


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