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From: "Dan'l Danehy-Oakes" <ddanehy@siebel.com>
Subject: (whorl) mechAnIsm of consciousness
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 15:15:17 

I think the [correct/best/proper] explanation of (eg) Rose's 
[infiltrating into/integrating with] [that/those] of 
pMarble/Molybdenum] may be simpler than what [Shellac/Dan P]

Who is to say, in a universe where [souls are (in some sense) 
demonstrable fact/consciousness can (apparently) exist 
independently of hardware], that the brain is the [sole/primary] 
seat of [soul/consciousness/memory/personality]? It makes a kind 
of sense that [it is/they are] [more distributed/less local] in 
the nervous system and perhaps other [organs/parts of the 
organism/tissues], particularly if one accepts that [it is/they
are] at least partially [spiritual/non-physical/supernatural] in
[nature/origin/constitution]. Then a(n) [organ/part/tissue] which
has spent a significant time in one body, even if it is not an
original [component/part] of that body, [may/will] "house" some
[aspect/part/holographic image] of the 
[soul/memory/personalty/consciousness] [inhabiting/controlling]
that body and, when [transferred/transplanted] to a [new/different]
body may carry that [aspect/part/holographic image] to the 
[new/different] body.

On the contrary, allowing that "souls" specifically are 
[non-physical/spiritual/supernatural] in [cosntitution/nature]
allows us to [suppose/believe/conjecture] that "souls" may
habituate to their bodies (as they may habituate to a location,
giving rise to phenomena such as Pike's ghost), and "hang around"
remaininf functional [parts/organs/tissues] of the body after 
the death of the body proper, so that whatever aspect of 
[memory/personality/consciousness] attaches to the "soul" rather
than physical [tissues/organs/parts] might in fact 
[transfer/travel] along with them and "inabit" the [new/different]

Now, isn't that ever so much simpler than [Dan/Shellac]'s
ultraphysicalist explanation?


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