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From: dd@adobe.com (David DiGiacomo)
Subject: Re:  (whorl) Re: Tartaros's Blindness
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 21:47:07 

>That Tartaros was born blind, and remained so for the entire first voyage of
>the Whorl and then some seems incontrovertible; that he must die the same
>way, given the super technology of Wolfe's Short Sun milieu, seems more than
>a little suspect.

Typhon's technology is extremely limited, and fallible.

The gods are not AIs, they are simulations of scanned humans.  There is no
suggestion that they can be reprogrammed.  You will notice that Pas was
not able to remove Piaton's virtual head or to correct the various
character flaws of his children.

Finally, Wolfe presents Tartaros's blindness as an axiom, not a theory.

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