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From: George Terry <gmterry@ucdavis.edu>
Subject: Re: (whorl) more RTTW questions
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 08:48:50 

>2.  What do you think of Horn being an inhumu?  I think the evidence Wolfe
>gives is too much to ignore.  The fact that he hardly ever eats bothered me
>all through the book, especially when Hoof said he often pretended to eat and
>that the inhumu in the boat with them ate some potato soup.  Also, Horn says
>something about a possible way he got to Green without an inhumu present that
>he didn't want to think about.  There is definitely something there we're not

I think Horn is an "anti-inhumu" or better, an "humu". Horn embodies the 
best virtues of humanity (Silk--also his son's "Father was good..."). Horn 
therefore stands in contradistinction to what the inhumi have become by 
taking on those aspects of selfish humanity rather than the unselfish. Thus 
the secret of defeating the inhumi--become "humi" and they will be brought 


"We are already one; we just don't know it yet." --Thomas Merton

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