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From: Jacob Corbin <webmaster@afriendlysbooks.com>
Subject: (whorl) Whorl's destination?
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 01:47:41 

<<< I had definitely hoped for some new light to be cast on the story
or characters of the New Sun - else why bother with them? >>>

Half-serious two-a.m. speculation: is it at all possible that the Whorl's next destination is
Urth itself?  If that were the case, it would go a long way towards washing the Red Sun
passages of their vaguely unhealthy, fanficcy air ("Oooh!  It's Severian!  Oooh!  It's the
Samru!  Oooh!  It's Abaia!" & so on.)  Certainly the idea lends a new cachet to RTTW's title.
And consider: the Whorl would return to a very Blue-like (and mostly empty) planet, ripe for
repopulation.  Perhaps this has something to do with Horn's bargain with the sea-monster
Scylla.  Perhaps Horn's spirit is on Urth, and perhaps that's why Nettle decided to leave.

And perhaps I'm just a loon....

Jacob G Corbin

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