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From: Jeffrey Meyers <jeffmeyers@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: (whorl) Death of Jahlee
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 22:02:17 

James Jordan <jbjordan@gnt.net> wrote:

> I believe that among the broad subtexts of the series is that Silk
> is like Jesus and Horn is a bit like Paul. Humans are the Jews, and the
> inhumi are the barbarians to whom Paul was sent.
. . .
>        So, let's not be surprised if Jahlee's "sanctification" is
> imperfect. Wolfe's characters are on the road to being better people, but
> they are never perfect!

I guess I don't see how the inhumi as a whole are "on the road to being
better people."  If the inhumi are Gentiles, why are so few of them
(possibly Krait and Jahle alone; would you also say Fava?) "converted."  If
the NT typology is to make some sense, I guess I would expect more
"conversions" among the "Gentiles."  Maybe I'm pressing it too much.  But it
is a major feature of NT history that many Gentiles come into the kingdom.
The inhumi, however, seem intractable.  But maybe you're seeing these
"conversions" as typical.  But I just can't help thinking that most, if not
all of the inhumi on Blue turn on Horn/silk in the attack at the wedding.
Of course, the last words of the book ("Good fishing!") seem to indicate a
further missionary effort to other "Gentiles" undertaken by the Bride
(Nettle), the Holy Spirit (Oreb), and a representative of the old world (the
old sybl).

Patera Bunny

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