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From: Michael Andre-Driussi <mantis@sirius.com>
Subject: (whorl) RTTW spoilers, structure of TBOTSS
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 11:50:23 

Adam wrote:
>No doubt Horn could impersonate Silk's manner of speaking.  But why would he
>want to do so consistently?  He doesn't know, or he denies, he's in Silk's
>body.  He is aware that everybody thinks he's Silk, and wants to convince
>them he's not.  It makes no sense that he would then go around acting like
>Silk.  In any case, it's not just his manner of speaking, it's his
>character.  The Horn of the journey to Pajarocu is not inclined to dispense
>wisdom at the drop of a hat, as the "Horn" on the Whorl is.
>As for the distinction between Silk and litSilk, it's true we don't know the
>"real Silk," only litSilk.  But we also know the litHorn of the trip to
>Pajarocu.  And the "Horn" of the Whorl resembles litSilk much more closely
>than litHorn.

If you had written "litHorn of TBOTLS is the literary creation of the
narrator Horn; litHorn, of TBOTSS, is a literary creation of the narrator
`N'" then I'd know we were on the same page.  As it is, I sense continuing
Time Frame problems.

Here, let me make a simplified diagram:

1) Horn goes out on Blue.
2) Horn goes out on Green.
3) Horn/Silk goes out on the Whorl.
4) The rajan of Gaon begins his book about steps 1, 2, and 3.
5) OBW: the narrator on Blue and on step 1-Blue (same place, different
6) IGJ: the narrator on Blue, step 2-Green, on Green (ditto), and on Urth.
7) RTTW: the narrator on Blue, step 3-Whorl, and on Urth.

If it helps to visualize that Escher drawing of the two hands drawing each
other, then by all means do so!

Remember: just as our sense of Silk in TBOTLS is created by the writing of
Horn, so our sense of all the Horns in TBOTSS is created by the writing of

It is rather like the VRT/John Marsch problem.


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