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From: "Kevin J. Maroney" <kmaroney@ungames.com>
Subject: Re: (whorl) RTTW spoilers, the Silken tongue
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 11:12:24 

At 09:50 PM 2/14/01 -0800, Mantis wrote:
>Imagine that the biggest Elvis fan in the world suddenly found himself
>transported into the nearly dead body ("whoa, that was a close one!") of
>Elvis himself.  Do you think he couldn't fake being Elvis?  Crank it up a
>notch: make that fan the guy who wrote all of Elvis's songs, and taught him
>how to move and sing--the guy who created the Elvis that everybody else saw
>and heard.

Of course he could. But if he doesn't know he's been transported into
Elvis's body, why would he lapse into acting like Elvis for an extended
time during a period when he's convinced that Elvis is alive *somewhere
else*, and desparately wants people to help him find Elvis?

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