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From: james.kellar@quantel.com
Subject: Re: (whorl) pig's dialect
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 12:50:33 +0000

> >there's no doubt whatsoever that Pig's dialect is intended to be Scottish, as opposed to Irish or
> >Welsh.
> It is - *but*, why does he add all those H-s like a Cockney?
> It made Pig's speech tongue-twistingly difficult for me to read,
> even though I wasn't reading it aloud.
I was trying to work this out, and it did seem a little incongruous - I wonder if it could be that
the author of these passages (Hoof/Hide) was confused by Horn/Silk's description of this accent - it
must have sounded peculiar to all of them, I suppose.

I agree that it's clear that Pig has been blind for some time (i.e. he wasn't blinded immediately
after his attack on Silk) - otherwise how can we explain his skill at navigation in the dark? He
would only be able to do this if he'd been blind for some time and had had a chance to get used to
the idea.


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